Monday, May 30, 2011

Serger Review: JC Penney Model 7015

Price paid:  $250

How long have you had this machine?  Since 1987

Would you recommend this machine to others?  Yes. 

What do you like about this machine?  This was my very first serger and first sewing machine purchase.  At the time I bought it, the dominant brand was Babylock, which was going for twice as much.  A fellow student in my Fashion Production class had bought this model and recommended it to me.  Over the years, I’ve bought many other sergers, which were more expensive and sophisticated, but I’ve always gone back to this one.  I like its compact size and the streamlined functions.

It has mostly metal parts yet is very lightweight.  The stitches are wonderful, and I can adjust the tension knobs all I want.  It also has adjustable presser foot pressure, but I haven’t found a need to adjust that.  What I like most on this serger is the narrow presser foot.
Most newer sergers have a much wider foot, which I find difficult to maneuver, especially around curves.

Things you DON'T like about this machine:  The only thing it’s lacking is a tray to catch the scraps.


  1. I have a JC Penny Model 25 - Can you suggest a needle for this machine. I do not have manual and cannot find it online. Or on Ebay. Thanks

  2. My manual states "This machine is designed to use the type DB x 1 or BL x 1 needle which is most popular." Hope that helps!

  3. I have this serger was my very first!

  4. I was given a very similar machine recently. It's a 7015A. The previous owner took good care of it, but the user manual has been lost. Any idea where I might find one?

    1. did you ever find the manual for your machine?

  5. I have a JC Penney serger model 7008. Can anyone tell me what needle it takes?

  6. I have this serger also. My manual indicates BL X 2N #14, DB X 1 #11 thru 14, and BL X 1 #11 thru 14 can be used. The needle is round at the top, no flat area on one side. When installing the needle, the groove goes to the front side. Do you have any idea how old the machine is or what it's worth?

  7. This looks good, not so heavy and easy to use. Thank you for sharing the review, need to get it for home use.

  8. Can you share the owners manual? i can't find it anywhere!!
    Thanks in advance