Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Serger Review: Singer 14CG754

Price Paid:  $185.
How long have you had this machine?  Less than a month.

Would you recommend this machine to others?  No.

What do you like about this machine?  This machine is the lightest serger I've ever come across. 

I really wanted to like this machine, since it was a great price for a new serger.  I was hoping to replace my  old Singer serger which had some great features that are not on my other sergers, such as a free arm the ability to adjust the stitch width by moving the knife blade. 

This model does have a free arm, but it does require removing a big piece of plastic from the left side to access it.  This sizable piece does not stand up on its own, so it must be stowed on its side somewhere until it's ready to be put back on the machine.
By contrast, my old Singer serger has a lever which simply pushes down to access the free arm; this is so much more convenient.

Although the machine does have the capability to adjust the stitch width by moving the knife blade closer in or further out from the needle, the knob to do this is difficult to turn.

Things you DON'T like about this machine:  Even after I oiled the machine, it still makes a strange clackety sound, which is apparently normal for this machine (according to the salesperson trying to upsell me on a different serger).

The stitch quality is either poor or inconsistent.  I can spend hours adjusting the tensions and still never get them to be as nice as on my other machines.  Even after I get it to form a tolerable stitch, it goes wonky every few inches on the underside.

The lighting is very dim; the bulb is a small blueish speck:

I had such great hopes for this serger, despite the previous negative reviews.  I ended up returning this serger.

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