Monday, June 11, 2012

Antebellum Sewing

During our vacation on St. George Island, my husband and I drove to nearby Apalachicola, Florida and toured the antebellum home of Thomas Orman, a prominent businessman who was key in developing the area into a major cotton shipping port. It's a vintage home after my own heart, with not just one but two sewing areas, one on each floor.

The downstairs sewing area

The upstairs sewing area 

 featured an assortment of vintage buttons and needles,

along with an old sewing book which was like eye candy for me.


Beside the fireplace, there was a tiny sewing machine and a toy iron, along with other toys. 

Unlike other historical homes, we were free to explore the house on our own and touch and photograph items as we pleased.  It's rare to be able to get up close to see seam finishes on period clothing like this.